CHIP Training &
Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Company Introduction

CHIP Training & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a leading international management consulting firm with offices in United Kingdom, Pakistan and Nigeria. Established in 2007, the firm provides services in Capacity Building, Human Resource Management (HRM), Accounting & Financial Management, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Policy Development & Research. Since its inception, CTC has been working with leading national and international organizations. Our spectrum of clients includes The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Health Organization, UNICEF, FAO, Shell, GIZ, Oxfam and other similar clients.

CTC’s teams work with clients in a manner that empowers them towards productivity in social and economic impact. Listening, understanding and facilitating processes for clients’ success is prioritised.

CTC envisions a highly productive and socially stable society capable of managingn and improving its own development in a sustainable manner.

The qualified and seasoned teams at CTC provide value-led, efficient and reliable services that leave lasting social and economic impact for institutions and communities in an inclusive manner

Our Services

Research, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, Capacity Building, HR, & Financial Outsourcing and Advisory Services

Research, Strategy Development, Advisory Services & much more ...

Our Projects

CTC started functioning as an individual entity becoming a successful management consultancy in its own right.

Our Pool Of Consultants

CTC has a large pool of around 2000 consultants.

Administrative Capabilities

CTC has a substantial administrative, logistic and financial capacity.

Creative Portfolio

With our team of qualified individuals, CTC is working on several projects in different sectors.

Our Sectors

CHIP Training and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience across various development sectors.

Why Choose Us ?

We are focused on creative and innovative solutions.

Our Clients

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